This week is all about those luxury holidays, filled with complete comfort, little touches and grand gestures.

Whether your customers enjoy relaxing on blissful beaches, sampling national dishes at elegant restaurants or spoiling themselves at magnificent
shopping malls, they'll be in their element with the plentiful luxury holidays available on British Airways network.

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Holidays in Greece offer ancient sun-bleached ruins, delightful beaches, inspired cuisine and thrill-seeking activities for anyone seeking a perfect luxury holiday. If island life is tempting for your customers they’ll be spoilt for choice. They’ll love the volcanic island of Santorini, scattered with white villas and blue capped churches, there’s nothing more luxurious than looking out to these sights at sunset. There’s the big-hitting destinations perfect for those sun-worshippers, Crete and Corfu - renowned for their emerald blue waters, rugged coastline and dreamy coves. For those who are seeking city life, Athens is ideal. With the most exquisite historic spots, luxurious department stores and the perfect ratio of café and restaurants, there's so much on offer!

 See weekly frequencies below for the week commencing 29 July 2019 (summer schedules marked *):

Destination LHR LGW LCY STN
Athens (ATH) 30      
Corfu (CFU) 11      
Heraklion (HER)   7    
Chania (CHQ) 3      
Kalamata (KLX) 3      
Kefalonia (EFL) 2      
Kos (KGS)   3    
Preveza (PVK) 3      
Mykonos (JMK) 7   3 1
Rhodes (RHO)   4    
Santorini (JTR) 6   2*  
Skiathos (JSI) 6   4*  
Thessaloniki (SKG)   8    


Renowned for its work of art, awe-inspiring architecture and of course the cuisine, Italy is the perfect destination to delve into all things luxury. Your customers can take a romantic gondola ride down the grand canal, stroll around the elegant streets of Milan and treat themselves to a shopping spree in a city that cradles fashion and style or lap up the dolce vita lifestyle in Rome. As for eating they can enjoy indulgent alfresco dining in beautiful settings and indulge in the popular frozen desert of Italian origin, gelato.

See weekly frequencies below for the week commencing 29 July 2019:

Destination LHR LGW LCY
Cagliari (CAG)   7  
Catania (CTA)   8  
Genoa (GOA)   6  
Milan (MXP) 18   11
Olbia (OLB) 7    
Palermo (PMO) 5    
Naples (NAP)   20  
Rome (FCO) 43 25 6
Turin (TRN)   7  
Venice (VCE)   26 5
Verona (VRN)   14  

As an alternative trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman can also provide the ultimate luxury experience. Remaining a largely undiscovered land, surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean and long golden shores, Oman is an up and coming destination. What this country does boast is rich heritage, laid-back Arab culture and fine traditions. From glittering resorts overlooking the Gulf to mountain landscapes in sublime villas, your customers will have more than a comfortable stay. They can walk along the unspoilt beaches, relax in the deep blue pools or explore the desert playgrounds. There’s something spectacular to do in Oman for everyone that’s seeking a unique and indulgent break.

See weekly frequencies below for the week commencing 23 December 2019: 

Destinations  LHR
Muscat (MCT) 4

World Heritage sites, vibrant cities, pristine beaches and dramatic landscapes, South Africa is a country where natural surroundings shine and offer varied holiday destinations. Lovers of wildlife are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a safari or they can stay in national parks where they can have their very own private viewing opportunities in a luxurious lodge. Wine connoisseurs and foodies will want to head to the winelands, a place to enjoy tasting tours at the world-famous vineyards and dining in top class restaurants. There truly is something in South Africa for everyone: whether it’s a luxurious honeymoon or an unforgettable safari, this country won’t disappoint.

See weekly frequencies below for the week commencing 29 July 2019. 

Destination LHR
Cape Town (CPT) 7
Durban (DUR) 3
Johannesburg (JNB) 14

With its natural beauty, picture perfect landscapes and laid-back charm, St. Kitts is an island that invites visitors to succumb to complete relaxation. Travellers can follow their heart to St. Kitts and take on thrilling island adventures, indulge in the fresh cuisine or simply relax in the sun on the pristine beaches. One thing St. Kitts isn’t short of is enchanting stays for its visitors, with luxury ocean front resorts, private roof top swimming pools and unique spa retreats. There’s no doubt this island is the perfect place to relax in luxurious style.

See weekly frequencies below for the week commencing 29 July 2019:

Destination LGW
St. Kitts (SKB) 2


Have your customers discover the jewels that lie in the desert. Home to cities with iconic skyscrapers, impressive beach resorts and city sized malls, the United Arab Emirates screams luxury holiday. Travellers can enjoy a superlative holiday in Dubai where they can relax within the hot hotel scene, (known to be the most luxurious in the world), wander along the exotic paradise of white sand beaches or sample the Michelin starred restaurants and chic cafés. Perhaps make a visit to Abu Dhabi; with its ultra-modern skyline, sun-kissed white beaches and the setting for the famed Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, there’s plenty to see and do while lapping up the glamorous and extravagant lifestyle like                the locals.

See weekly frequencies below for the week commencing 29 July 2019:

Destination LHR
Abu Dhabi (AUH) 7
Dubai (DXB) 19