Enhancements to Groups pricing

British Airways are pleased to announce that they will be implementing a new Groups pricing system next week, available from Wednesday 29 November. 

This new system brings with it the following benefits and updates to existing Groups Terms & Conditions.  Any new booking made from this date (29 November) will be subject to the NEW Terms & Conditions.  Any existing groups continue to be subject to the current conditions:

  • Instant pricing
    Rather than wait for a quote to be returned from the airline, quotes will be returned to you on screen where available. Quotes are only valid for 24 hours after which a new quote will need to be submitted

  • Unlimited deviation ​
    Provided you maintain the minimum group size requirement, the previous 20% group size deviation limit will be removed, allowing unlimited deviations

  • Reduced itinerary change penalty
    Itinerary change fees will reduce to £50 across the board (previously £85 economy and £135 premium)

  • Club Europe UK domestics 
    Club Europe I class fares will be available on UK domestic sectors​

  • Balance due date
    The balance due date will change to 8 weeks prior to departure (previously 6 weeks)

  • Name change
    Name change fees will change to £85 per name change (previously £65)

In order to implement the new pricing system, British Airways will be migrating existing PNRs and services over the next few days, starting from 18:00 this evening, Thursday 23rd November.  In order to assist with this process, during this time there will be a period of various suspended services which may affect you should you have existing bookings or be looking to create new ones.  Please note the below timeline of migration of services and the potential impact this may have. 



Thursday 23 November (from 18:00) No new service requests requiring airline approval or deviations to existing PNRs will be possible from this point until all services are resumed on Wednesday 29 November. 
Monday 27 November (from 18:00)

No new bookings can be made from this time on Monday evening until all services are resumed on Wednesday 29 November. 

Existing unconfirmed quotes will be cancelled at this point and will need to be re-requested on Wednesday 29 November.
Wednesday 29 November All services available, new Groups pricing system fully enabled and new Terms & Conditions in effect for new bookings.

From Monday 27 November at 18:00 until Wednesday morning, our online Groups platform will be unavailable whilst these changes are being made, to avoid any booking conflicts.  We recommend where possible that you action any bookings ahead of the above migration times and any associated booking deadlines over this period.  During this migration period, our Groups Customer Support staff remain on hand to support you in any way possible through our normal contact channels. 

Due to a delay in system development of the new pricing system, British Airways will regrettably be unable to accept any NEW bookings involving other oneworld carrier sectors until advised otherwise.  You will still be able to book groups on the following carriers in conjunction with
British Airways:

  • American Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Finnair
  • Comair
  • Aer Lingus

We will still be able to service any existing PNR’s with other carrier sectors.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and patience during this transition period within British Airways.