The Far East, Asia, and Australia boasts some of the most famous destinations in the world and is home to an abundance of culture, delicious delicacies, and sublime landscape. It's a fantastic place for your Flights customers as it offers the best of all worlds; from the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the breathtaking views over Sydney Harbour - I've dug a little deeper into our focus region recently, here's what I know:

Hong Kong  - As a place where big city and bright lights meet enchanting historical gems, Hong Kong is bursting with exciting adventures for your customers. They can wander around one of the sprawling mountainous landscapes which take up 70% of Hong Kong, or immerse themselves in local culture and exquisite cuisine. There’s something for all types of travellers with all types of holiday desires.


Tokyo - This is a city constantly on the move, always beaming with life and the desire to evolve. Although widely known as a metropolitan city, you will also find a dominant streak of authentic historical culture here. Your customers have a vast array on offer with the option to soak up the Shinjuku nightlife, go shopping in Harajuku, or indulge in a spot of history at the Meiji-jingῡ shrine. This destination is perfect for travellers wanting to experience a uniquely charming city with a lot of personality.


Beijing - As a haven for food, imperial delights, architecture, and art, Beijing is a glorious city which holds strong ties with its future and notorious past. With an abundance of heritage sites, temples, and the Great Wall slightly further north, your customers can discover this city’s fantastic history. Alternatively, they can explore a more urban Beijing, also known as the 'Global Powerhouse' with some of the world’s most innovative buildings, dazzling restaurants, and a maze of museums and galleries.


Delhi - A city with two tales, Delhi is uniquely divided between old and new. Your customers will be transported back in time in Old Delhi where they’ll find haul sacks of spices, authentic architecture, and a  traditional way of life. Alternatively, they can passage to the future in New Delhi which boasts colonial-era parliament buildings, sky-scraping glitzy malls, and the perfect hotspots for high tea. If your customers are looking for rustic history with a blend of modern life, Delhi is the perfect trip. Delhi is also a gateway to lots of other destinations in northern India.


Bangkok - This exotic Thai capital is beaming with life. From the hustle and bustle of the city centre, to the calming architecturally fantastic temples, there’s plenty on offer for your customers. They can hire a tuk-tuk for the day and try out some street delicacies, soak up the local culture, and discover all the hidden gems on offer. Or, they can take a trip to Banglamphu, easily the city’s most quintessentially ‘Bangkok’ neighbourhood and wander around the wet markets, leafy lanes, and antique shop houses. This destination is a perfect if your customers are looking for a mix of culture, history, city, and beauty.


Sydney – Book your customers a trip to Sydney and they will experience all kind of natural wonders. From the national parks surrounding the city, to the spectacular Pacific coastline, there’s beauty at every corner of this destination. With its coastal charm, urban nightlife, and concrete jungle, there’s just a little bit of everything to experience here. Head to the Great Barrier Reef one day, and go shopping in the city the other, this destination offers the best of both worlds.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog on the Far East, Asia and Australia. Remember to look out for more from me on our hottest British Airways destinations perfect for your Flights customers.

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