The Travel Innovation Group was introduced in 2018, following a period of major growth of its three distinct companies, Lime, Aviate and Calrom. The companies collectively sees the businesses working with over 50 major airlines. The brand development program has since helped to build each business' success and allowed expansion into new markets.

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Launched in 2009, Aviate are a leading flight consolidator in the UK, distributing nett fares for over 50 global airlines to both consumers and trade through their next generation booking platform. 



Specialist software development company Calrom was established in 2007, providing leading technology first to Lime, followed by Aviate and to airlines directly. Their systems are used by some of the world's largest and most respected airlines, which is a testament to their passion for creating quality and innovative software solutions. 

Groups Next Gen

Calrom provide a leading Groups solution to the International Airlines Group. Already implemented with British Airways and Iberia; GNG has proven a vital tool in gaining control of group travel management, increasing sales and realising huge potential for compliance revenue.

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